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At SIRE3D, we specialize in revolutionizing the landscape of commercial real estate. Our innovative 3D construction technology is tailored to meet the unique demands of modern business infrastructure.


Transforming Commercial Real Estate with

3D Construction

We understand that in the fast-paced world of commerce, time, efficiency, and sustainability are paramount.

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Design Services

Provide conceptual design, CAD modeling, structural engineering analysis and permit planning services to clients. Create optimal building designs suitable for 3D printing with virtual walkthroughs and rendering services available; ensure designs meet code requirements.

Materials Supply

Formulate custom concrete composite blends for construction printing applications, designed to optimize speed, strength, aesthetics and speed-of-print. Provide biners, aggregates and admixtures. Establish strategic partnerships with materials companies. Provide just-in-time delivery service directly to print sites.

Printing Services

Provide 3D printing of components, panels, and molds as an on-demand service. Clients can get elements printed without owning printers. Offer short lead times, high capacity. Ideal for real estate developers seeking 3D printed building parts.

3D Printing

As pioneers in large-scale 3D printing, SIRE3D offers 3D printing services catered to your specific needs. We specialize in printing architectural models, prototypes, art installations, and more using advanced technologies like robotic arms and concrete extruders.

Real Estate Services

In addition to our 3D design and printing services, SIRE3D also provides real estate investment consulting. Our experts can advise on property selections, development opportunities, and effective investment strategies tailored to your goals.

Construction Services

SIRE3D consults on residential and commercial building projects, providing construction supervision services to clients. We oversee all aspects of construction, from initial planning and permits through to completion, ensuring builds are on-time, on-budget, and up to code.

Structural Engineering

In addition to design, SIRE3D’s licensed structural engineers provide critical engineering services for new builds and remodeling projects. This includes analysis, calculations, permitting, and confirming builds are structurally sound.

Printer Maintenance

Provide preventative maintenance agreements to keep printers operating optimally. Provide rapid break/fix services. Train clients’ teams on basic upkeep and troubleshooting techniques. Stay current on upgrades/modifications of printers.

Construction Consulting

Offering pre-construction advisory on site preparation, logistics, crane requirements and power access. Offering cost analysis guidance and budgetary support. Finally providing post-print assistance with finishing, assembly, and compliance.

Component Production

Utilizing 3D printers, wholesale decorative elements, floor/wall tiles, furniture and light fixtures are made available at wholesale. Build and manage a catalog of design patterns/components before drop-shipping globally or integrating with design software programs.

Educational Programs

Conduct seminars, workshops, and certifications on 3D printing construction techniques. Partner with industry groups and vocational schools for expertise. Also recruit students near innovation hubs in order to build up talent pipeline.


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