3D Printing the Future

Sam Suzuki’s Groundbreaking Presentation at the DFW Real Estate Conference


On March 20th , 2024, the Department of Finance and Real Estate at the University of Texas at Arlington hosted an unparalleled event, the DFW Real Estate – The Next Decade Conference. This symposium brought together visionaries, policymakers, and industry leaders to discuss the trajectory of real estate development over the coming decade, with a special emphasis on the DFW region.

Among the distinguished panelists was our very own Sam Suzuki, CEO and Founder of SIRE Group and SIRE3D. Sam took center stage to shed light on a topic that is revolutionizing the construction industry: the promising future of 3D printing technology in building sustainable, efficient, and uniquely designed spaces.

Innovating the Future of Commercial Real Estate

Sam’s presentation, centered on the transformative potential of 3D construction printing, captivated the audience. He articulated how this technology is not merely altering the way we construct buildings but is also significantly reducing environmental impact and construction costs. Sam shared insights into the myriad benefits of 3D printing, from its ability to create intricate, organic designs to the ways it can streamline construction processes.

The Buzz of Innovation

The response from the attendees was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing keen interest and engaging in a lively Q&A session that extended well beyond its allotted time. The interaction was a testament to the groundbreaking nature of Sam's presentation and the broader implications for the real estate industry.

A Community of Forward-Thinkers

The conference was also a gathering point for other notable figures in the real estate world, including Jeff Cheney, Mayor of Frisco, and representatives from the Plano, Texas Economic Development Team and Fort Worth Chamber. Sam's engagement with these leaders, alongside other attendees, sparked not only intriguing discussions but also opportunities for collaboration and innovation.


One of the key takeaways from the conference was the identification of challenges, such as the need for proof of concept in the DFW area, where 3D printing projects remain largely conceptual. However, these challenges are matched by significant opportunities for innovation and advancement in the construction industry.


The positive feedback and accolades from attendees and organizers alike underscore the impactful nature of Sam's contribution to the conference. Moreover, a memorable moment for Sam and the SIRE3D team was when Sam was honored with a souvenir, a symbol of appreciation for his enlightening presentation and the promising future he envisions.

As we reflect on the success of the DFW Real Estate – The Next Decade Conference, we are filled with anticipation for the role SIRE3D will play in shaping the future of construction. Our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and efficiency continues to drive us forward, and we are excited to lead the charge in integrating 3D printing technology within the construction industry.