Design Services
Materials Supply
Printing Services
Printer Maintenance
Construction Consulting
Component Production

Design Services

We provide conceptual design, CAD modeling, structural engineering analysis and permit planning services to clients.

Materials Supply

Formulate custom concrete composite blends for construction printing applications, designed to optimize speed, strength, aesthetics and speed-of-print.

Printing Services

Provide 3D printing of components, panels, and molds as an on-demand service. Clients can get elements printed without owning printers.

Printer Maintenance

Provide preventative maintenance agreements to keep printers operating optimally. Provide rapid break/fix services.

Construction Consulting

Offering pre-construction advisory on site preparation, logistics, crane requirements and power access. Offering cost analysis guidance and budgetary support.

Component Production

Utilizing 3D printers, wholesale decorative elements, floor/wall tiles, furniture and light fixtures are made available at wholesale.

What Makes


Global Leader

With SIRE3D, you’ll experience seamless project management from start to finish. Here’s a closer look at what sets us apart:

Faster Construction

Custom Design

Reduced Waste

Resilient Structures

Our technology integrates with construction workflows, optimizing efficiency and ensuring projects are completed on time and within budget.

Real Estate Redefined

The Evolution

of PropTech

Take a journey into tomorrow’s real estate with our interactive comparison, highlighting the advancements in construction and design.

About Us

Prop-Tech in Focus

At SIRE3D, we’re at the forefront of a construction revolution. We blend cutting-edge 3D printing technology with our deep industry know-how, creating a powerful force for change. We’re not just building; we’re reshaping how the world constructs.


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Current Triumphs Sierra Creek

Experience the future of real estate with our latest groundbreaking project: a cutting-edge, multi-story commercial complex spanning ground floor to the third level. This multi-story complex blends cutting-edge 3D technology and sustainable prop-tech for a modern, dynamic commercial space.





248 Rental Units


919 Sq Ft Average Unit Size


3.73x Levered Multiple of Capital

Disruptors in technology

Esteemed Team of The 3 Doctorates


Sam Suzuki


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Reynaldo Santana

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